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Folio Preparation and Guidance

Comprehensive portfolio preparation for a specific goal or application.

Service Description

Professional Folio Preparation and Guidance (Includes Advice on Personal Statements, Annotations and Editorial) HOW IT WORKS: A Portfolio (or Folder) is the main calling card of most creatives. Whether it be digital or documented, print or moving image, finding concise and impressive formats that reveal the focus, diversity, thinking, or skillset in your work is vital to being noticed, understood and valued. A 1.5 hr session offers immediate guidance and feedback on your folio and offer invaluable insights on your intended audience, media, style and editorial selection. Learning how audience judges and read a folio is vital for landing that application or opportunity. EXPECTED OUTCOMES: This course will help you to.... Define, and set-in-action, new clear editorial approaches to the focus, theme, content and style of your folio. Reveal new and innovative ways to share your working research, personal developments and methodology. Cut back repetitive and unnecessary content. Identify a range of creative options and experiments that can enhance your folios focus and impact for your desired outcome. Help you recognise and share your own unique views , themes. personal skills or achievements through your folio. ________ So whether you need to prep a showreel, document large scale hand made works, illustrations, or written if you need to start, re-edit, sharpen-up, or future-proof your portfolio these sessions are ideal for any college and University application, further study, specific opportunities and personal focus.

Cancellation Policy

After booking and payment your session is guranteed and is valid for the dates selected.

Contact Details

  • kiosk, 25 Prince Edward Street, Govanhill, Glasgow, UK

    +44 7824448892

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