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We offer creative learning opportunities from the very beginning of being creative through to Post-Graduate Mentoring and Critical and nurture creative and practical education across all disciplines of art/design/film/writing. We focus on cognitive and process learning, with the aim of encouraging skills, understanding, and focus that benefits ourselves, our society and our environment.

Our courses and support can help you whether your looking for expert advice on a new creative application of venture, or are simply hoping to step into the creative world and start to unlock your own inner potential and voice.



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To do this we design, deliver and facilitate temporary Low-Cost Public Educational Projects and activity in various venues, online and in person.


We do this through 3 main methods:

1. Realistic and Affordable Learning


We build and nurture collaboration and opportunity to occupy physical locations where public education projects and services can be held. Our Making high end teaching, mentoring and ca

2. Learning Design

All our courses and learning are based on Real-Life learning. This is a person-centred growth where each individual context informs the focus, design and content for learning.

Designing and modifing learning and course material to suit new clients, levels, expected outcomes, resarch advances, agendas and creative or learning scope. Contact us if you need to design a programme or

3. Research and Alternative Learning

With an increasing amount of knowledge and research into understanding  Neuro-Diversity and its relationship with standard schools and higher education, we need alternative methods and approaches to support the widest range of individauls and needs.


Right now we are launching the PopUp Art School our first public space based @ 'Kiosk 25 Prince Edward St. Govanhill Glasgow. G42.


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Using creativity in a 'Real World'

Free Radicals is a creative teaching studio promoting and cultivating a culture of openness, trust, fearlessness, genuine questioning and self expression.

We believe creativity is natural and one place individuals can take risks, think through and evolve ideas and utimately make important personal changes.

We also believe seeing and engaging with nature and her natural cycles is the key to a health relationship with our family, neighbors, friends, and the wider physical world

It's our priority to maintain a realistic view of career paths and trajectories for creatives fending for themselves. We can really help form pactical plans and set realistic goals that are 'real life proof'.


Our range of beginner and advanced classes, courses and tutorials offer an increased awareness of hand-eye and intellectual processes, bring confidence in editorial, theme and practical skills and develop personla critical languages.


We want to empower and support all people to grow and discover themselves through their own, thinking, ideas, work and 'real world' public activity.

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FreeRadicals patient, reassuring disposition and insightful nature combined with high levels of expertise allowed me to finally grasp the elusive words and put them on page. This was an invaluable part in the writing process. Working with Andy helped transform my writing to reach levels I could not have achieved on my own.

Michelle Zhu MugShotFR_edited.jpg

Michelle Zhu

Speech and Language Pathologist - MS.Ed, MS,

TSSLD, CCC-SLP. Bronx, New York USA


Dr Bill Thompson

Andy is genuinely one of the most thoughtful and sincere artists that I know. His abilities in film, photography and writing are formidable and are matched by a keen intellect that isn't afraid to question convention. 

Lecturer in Music Technology and Composition. Aberdeen University. 

This critical dialogue helped me to find a focus in my work. Freeradicals surpasses other online learning I've tried by providing hard to find 'personal' advice, feedback and genuine understanding. I think this will really help me and others trying to establish themselves as creatives. 

Anderson Gerard


Independent Artists;

Oil Painting as a tool to address contemporary social issues. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-19 at 13.14.48.png

Andy has a mature intellectual demeanour…and is a talented artist. But underlying his work is a conscientious rigour. Always questioning the rational behind creativity and the value society places on cultural activities.

Prof Gareth Fisher

Former Professor and Head of Fine Art, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee University, Scotland. 

Andy’s tutorship helped me to develop my craft as a filmmaker. His advice is very considered and always struck a good balance between developing the technical and conceptual aspects of filmmaking. He has a great way of weaving his wisdom and knowledge from many different areas of his expertise and applying them to your individual needs. 


Stu Edwards

Freelance Photographer/ Filmmaker: Glasgow


I worked with FreeRadicals to develop options for new focus and strategy for new and existing works. Our practical and no-bullshit conversation helped me make some crucial decisions regarding my future activities. 

Jim Rusk

Filmmaker Photographer and Set/ Model Maker: Glasgow.

Andy has the necessary temperament to ensure that a (one-to-one) tutorial nurtures critical reflection whilst simultaneously providing support and encouragement. He has high levels of knowledge and expertise of the current debates, trends, issues and contexts relating to fine art film and photography.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 19.09_edited.jpg

Dr Allan Watson

Former Head of Fine Art BA/MA. Grays School of Art, Scotland. 

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