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No qualifications required…..

Anyone and Everyone can be creative.


With Creativity there really aren't any rules or limits to who or what we can try or might discover to be special, expressive, life changing or simply therapeutic. 


Learning, or allowing ourselves, to be creative should be our choice and can be seen as a positive outlet for emotions and opinions, a fun way to learn skills and relax, or even taken more seriously as a social act to share and build an audience.   

FreeRadicals recognises that there are inequalities in the world. We think unconventional lives and ways through learning are just as important as any other. Creativity belongs to us all and involves includes more than the rich in its system of values, contributors and agents. Therefore we foster and support clients, connections and activity from across the spectrum of abilities, backgrounds or histories. 

All our training, services and activities are underpinned by this philosophy and we try to help learners from all cultures, races, and economic backgrounds, to feel respected, comfortable, confident be treated equally for their efforts and commitments.

Our activity aims to focus and make real-life aims, goals and opportunities into realities. We work in the real-world where all the pressures and practicalities of life are happening. Its a reality that is less idealistic and far less glamorous than we may of imagined. But it is this society we are in and we need to make something happen in. When academic papers mean nothing without not the academic world. 

How FreeRadicals was born……. READ MORE IN OUR BLOG.

How it works...

Get un-blocked

Practical, effective coaching in *contemporary and creative arts. 


Whether you paint, draw. perform, write, take pictures or create immersive multimedia installation your practice can and will evolve with the right input and support. Our tutorials and coaching sessions are designed to help facilitate active creative processes by investigating your ideas, approach, themes, and motivations driving your work and experiments. We can help you discover deeper thematic and referential elements in your work and thinking with with a view to help you to act more confidently and eloquently.   

Creatives often work alone. And along comes a pandemic.


Working on our own, in isolation, without reliable feedback, advice and critical dialogue is nearly impossible. Even if we  are lucky and have friends, family or colleagues who can offer some response this is often not serious, properly informed or relevant to our needs. 


Healthy Honest Discussion - helps bridge the gap between formal and independent learning.  

We bring together experience of working with many forms of creative learning, individuals and special needs education.  All teaching, mentoring, courses and coaching use person-centred approaches to learning, collaborating and self-development. By this we mean you can work at your own pace and wit your own focus. When we are in the process of learning skills, advancing ideas and themes or trying to plan or prepare for a specific output or opportunity.

Our experience of advanced academic teaching to Masters levels in Fine Art, 2 and 3 D Design, Moving Image, research and the variety of burgeoning electronic media.  

REAL WORLD / professional advice

In order to help offer truly practical solutions to organisations and creative individuals careers and ambitions all our courses are based on research and professional experience. This has been acquired hands-on through activity in the independent and freelance creative industries. This includes 20 years experience of public art, contemporary art exhibition, film and tv production, presentation and writing, popular music/band culture, songwriting, and academic research and educational event management.   

My Creative CV

  • Expelled from School aged 15 - no qualifications

  • No family support

  • Started Surfing

  • Lead guitarist in Rubber Yahoo a pop band

  • Joiners apprenticeship

  • Semi Sponsored Skateboarder

  • Furniture Maker and Designer. 

  • Founder and Secretary of Scottish Skateboarding Association 

  • Travelled Canada/USA/Mexico 

  • Return (broke) to UK Sit 2 x Higher Grades as Mature Student

  • Secure Place at Dundee University 1993

  • Founding member of Generator Projects 1996

  • Honours Degree in Fine Art 1997

  • Fine Art Teaching Internship. DJCAD. 1997

  • International Research Assistant Centre for Research in Art + Design

  • Fine Art Lecturer. Sculpture/Photography/ Electronic Media/ CAP

  • Lecturer and Co-author of CAP Contemporary Art Practice BA hons. Grays School of Art. RGU.Aberdeen. 2012

  • Director of the HUB. Aberdeen and Shire Film Festival. 2010 

  • Head of Moving Image area CAP BA Honors. 

  • FreeRadicals

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