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Free Radicals is a creative teaching studio promoting and cultivating a culture of openness, trust, fearlessness, genuine questioning and self expression.

We believe creativity is one place we as individuals can take risks, think through and evolve ideas and utimately make important personal changes.

It's our no1 priority to maintain a realistic view of career paths for creatives fending for themselves. So we can really help form pactical plans and set realsitic goals that are 'real life proof' . Overall aiding the gaining of new focus, confidences, and commitments for your creative work.

Our range of beginner and advanced classes and tutorials help focus practice through an increased awareness of hand-eye and intellectual processes and through econfidence in editorial, practical skills and accessible critical language.

We strive to empower and support all people to grow and discover themselves through their own, thinking, ideas, work and 'real world' public activity.

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